“Arte: silenziosa e segreta resistenza alla Shoah” #memoriapersalvarsi


The video “Arte: silenziosa e segreta resistenza alla Shoah” tries to catch the complexity of the immense tragedy of the Holocaust. This performance describes the “creative” dimension that produced peculiar responses and the “silent” resistance that allowed to keep the humanity of the people involved, in spite of the dehumanizing conditions of life. With this video the students give voice to David Olére, Felix Nussbaum and Samuel Bak, artists they studied when the school organized an exhibition dedicated to their works and published a book. With their images and words, those artists expressed the importance that art had in their life during the Holocaust. Also came on the scene Ms. Ilse Weber, the world famous author of children’s literature and radio programs, who took care of the children in Theresienstadt, giving them a few moments of joy even in that crude reality.

The stories told are true and want to convey confidence in a future of peaceful coexistence, inviting us to reflect on human freedom in the face of historical events and on the conscious commitment to build together a democratic citizenship.

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School: Istituto Istruzione Superiore “ A. Volta”

Teacher: Ms. Assunta Gallo Afflitto (Project Coordinator), Mr. Vito Parisi (School Manager), with Ms. Laura Cumbo, Mr. Salvatore Pellegrino, Ms. Edivge Presti, Ms. Enza Lapiana

Grade: High School


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