Holocaust Wave


The main part of this art piece is the water. The wave has gold strokes in it to represent how the Jewish people were cremated because the chimneys are coming out of the water. The boat has a mouse in it representing Vlad Spiegelman going into the chaos of the camps and the Holocaust. The tower above the water represents George Takei. It has rainbow windows to show how he speaks up for the LGBTQ+ community and how he’s apart of it. Under the water is where things go bad. The tower that represented George’s life after the internment camps turns into the watchtower. At the bottom where the water turns dark and the internment camp is there with a fence. The woman is Franceska Mann who is drowning and going to the chimneys.

School: Etude Middle School

Teacher: Maddi Spletter

Grade: 7

Location: sheboygan, wisconsin, United States


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