Leadership, bravery, and resilience


This symbol represents resilience because it shows strength, leadership, bravery, and toughness. I chose to create this art piece because I feel like it represents and connects to each character/ perspective and their story. Another reason I chose to create this art piece is because I think that it captures each individual story equally and represents their strength, leadership, bravery, and toughness. The torch comes from Takekuma’s symbol that represents his story. It represents not only his leadership bravery, strength, and toughness but all of the other characters and perspectives. The shield comes from Vlad´s symbol that represents his story. The shield also represents Chester, Vlad, and Takekuma´s strength, bravery, toughness, and resilience. The smoke comes from Chester Nez´s symbol representing his story. The smoke represents the challenges and the struggles that each of them faced. It also represents how they were able to overcome those challenges that they faced through their experiences. It also represents to Chester Nez, the environment and his surroundings during his time on the battlefield during WWII as a Navajo code talker.

School: Etude Middle School

Teacher: Ms. Spletter

Grade: 6

Location: sheboygan, wisconsin, United States


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