I drew a combination of all my previous artwork as one. I also drew this without a ruler to signify that the Holocaust wasn’t good. If I would have used a ruler, the lines would have been perfect. In the lens of the Graflex Super D which is the camera that Dorthea Lange used to take Migrant Mother, because Dorthea Lange was tasked with taking photos of the American Internment Camps but was condemned to only taking photos that made it seem like they were being treated fairly and well. In the lens of the camera is the Star of David holding George Takei’s fencing sword which he used on Star Trek, the pencil in the top right corner signifies Art Spiegelman and his journaling and writing of Maus. In conclusion this piece is a combination of bravery, defiance, and perseverance of all the perspectives that I have learned about.

School: Etude Middle School

Teacher: Ms. Spletter

Grade: 7th

Location: Sheboygan, Wisconsin, wisconsin, United States


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