Surviving in Fours


I was inspired to create this piece when I saw Holocaust survivor Ella Liebermann’s art piece of the food distribution in the camps. The people would eat in fours and share food as equally as they could. This is how they would survive and try not to starve. Prisoners would take care of each other so that they could survive and one day escape the camps to freedom. When creating it, I first paper machead four human figures. Then, I plastered down some rocks to represent the cobblestone rocks on the outside of the concentration camps. Finally, I created a bowl of soup with black, burnt bread inside of it. The most important part of the art piece is you can see how little soup is in the bowl. This shows that they were barely fed anything. If I could change one thing about the art piece, I would have tried to put something on the outside that is dark that represents the evil of the Nazi power.

School: Christ the King School

Teacher: Tania Zivkovic

Grade: 8th

Location: Lexington, KY, United States


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