“The Heart in The Pain” -Memorial Maquette


Artist’s Statement:

The Heart in The Pain
By: Bianca Mitchell

This memorial shares a harsh time in a peaceful space. A garden of memories, and a river of stories. You walk the path of choices that lead you to the heart. The heart represents people, the victims, who experienced horrible things and walking to the heart makes you think and remember the people who deserve to be remembered. Each stepping stone is a historical event and what a community agreed on. One will walk the path and read the stones with dates, quotes, and events. It questions what happened in the past and leads you to the Canister and inside people may sit inside and listen to the empty space. Inside the canister are names of jews, and people’s stories. We think the Holocaust is just killing and gas chambers, buts it more than just that, it’s people. Both sides had people, the bystanders, the upstanders, the perpetrators and the victims. The path shows that people will follow anyone and it ends in the people who got hit by the negative impact. There are people who had too much power and created the pathway and choices. The ones who are neutral in the decision, and the individuals who stand up but get ignored. The pathway is made of marble stone to represent remembrance, the canister is tinted grey glass to represent a Zyklon B canister, the flowers and beauty are surrounding the memorial. The memorial will be built in Germany, Berlin Tiergarten. I hope as the artist to let people remember the victims who had no choice.

School: Media Arts Collaborative Charter School

Teacher: Jessica Vierra

Grade: 9

Location: Albuquerque, New Mexico, United States


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