“The Twins of Auschwitz”


Holocaust and Human Behavior/ Art I Final Memorial Project.
From the student’s artist’s statement:
The Twins of Auschwitz
Gray Garcia
I am Memorializing the twin experiments of Auschwitz during the Holocaust. During the Holocaust, twin children were taken from their families and were subject to inhumane experiments. These experiments were supposed to help scientists figure out how to create a master race. This is a subject which is often skipped over or set to the side when talking about the Holocaust, but this topic should be remembered as a very real part of this tragic event. Twins were injected with hundreds of unknown chemicals, constantly measured and compared to each other, and went through many procedures which removed organs from their bodies. If one twin died, the other was killed, resulting in both being dissected. Hundreds of twins were killed while under experimentation and out of 3,000 twins who entered Auschwitz only 200 survived with life long side effects. This piece will be placed near one of the “infirmary” blocks in Auschwitz to remind others that an infirmary is a place to heal and recover. However, during the holocaust twin experiments, it was a place to throw twins who were ill and close to death from injections and other types of experimentation. People who visit Auschwitz will notice a wall built near one of the infirmary blocks. They can look at the mural and are able to physically touch the wall if they feel the need.
Dimensions: 8’9’’ x 7’
Exterior house paints and mural brushes

School: Media Arts Collaborative Charter School

Teacher: Jessica Vierra

Grade: 9

Location: Albuquerque, New Mexico, United States


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