“Trapped”- Holocaust and Human Behavior Final Memorial Project


As a final project in their Holocaust and Human Behavior and Art I classes, students at MACCS consider the importance of memory and legacy by designing a memorial. “Trapped” honors the children who suffered during the Holocaust.
From the artist’s statement:
When people see this painted piece I want them to feel the emotion and realize that this is an unforgettable historical event that shouldn’t happen again. I want people to step into the shoes of the child and grasp what is happening. Imagine losing all your family and having only one single piece of paper. Cherish it. Cherish this history and realize nothing or anyone should be forgotten. The child in the painting represents both the survivors and brutally murdered children, the red paint represents the blood of the friends or family or even strangers they’ve seen murdered or beaten. The items floating in the red paint are badges and numbers that labeled people in the camps, the hands also represent those who died. People all around should know and remember the number of 11 million and know this is the world we live in.

School: Media Arts Collaborative Charter School

Teacher: Jessica Vierra

Grade: 9

Location: Albuquerque, New Mexico, United States


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