This piece of art will be memorializing the upstanders during the time of the Holocaust. It will explain how very few upstanders we had during this time even though we have a bunch of people doing nothing to stop the actions from this very small percentage of people that are harming others. There will be 1 white rose, 2 red roses, and 17 pink roses symbolizing the percent of the perpetrators, upstanders, and bystanders. The white rose will not only symbolize upstanders but the White Rose were students who were peacefully fighting against the Nazi with words. The White Rose was killed for being upstanders, they were just trying to bring awareness to the students. But the leaflets they left around the University of Munich were dropped over Germany in planes after their death.

If this was in a public setting and not just a maquette I would probably make it a little bigger but the material I will probably use to make it a permanent piece it would probably be made of bronze just so it can last way longer than something than can be easily broken.

The art would probably be located at the University of Munich to give some more credit to upstanders but also The White Rose so the people at that school can see the importance of being a upstander. This will also show how very little upstanders we have in this world, so we should make more upstanders. This is the place where the White Rose were being upstanders so it would pay some respect to them and give them some appreciation for the bravery they had.

The way people will view this is looking at it. They will take in all the different colored roses then see this singular white rose popping out, dragging attention to it. Then the attention goes to the red rose and how it is twisted around the white one. Pink roses representing bystanders will be on the sides and there are more of them than the others. All it feels like is just as a background and not doing anything. They aren’t blooming, showing they are closed minded just like bystanders, not aware or just don’t care about what is going on around them. The red roses will represent the perpetrators like the Nazis, big and in control even with very few. You will see that the colors of the roses will be red, white, and even the mixture of them making pink showing that bystanders aren’t good or bad, they are just closed minded. What they are doing is bad but also, they aren’t doing anything good even though they aren’t the one perpetrating.

School: Media Arts Collaborative Charter School

Teacher: Jessica Vierra

Grade: 9

Location: Albuquerque, New Mexico, United States


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