WWII and the Holocaust Art Piece, connecting with Japanese interment camps and 9/11


I painted four sides of a box, here are the four sides, The first one Is Vlad, from the book Maus:
I chose to do this because the clear white person is close to becoming black (black meaning death) The other black figures are people who died in the Holocaust and they’re trying to take him with them (his arms are turning black) the clear person is Vlad. I think it shows resilience because it shows how Vlad came close to dying many times but he survived.
The Second side is about the Japanese internment camps focusing on George, from they called us enemy:
I’m not entirely sure why I chose to do this but I kind of wanted it to be like George is safe in America (the blanket) but then he gets sent to camps (the holes in the blanket). I chose the holes because he trusted the blanket to keep him warm and safe, but he was sent to the camps, the blanket didn’t do what it was supposed to do, it made him cold. When he got sent to the camps, America didn’t do what it was supposed to do.

The third side is about Anne Frank, child in hiding:
I decided to make this like I did because I wanted to show how Anne was trapped in a room while the whole world was going on around her. I did her on top of her diary because I thought I should include it. Then the bigger people are the Nazis, pushing her down into her room. There are other people too, I wanted to show the bystanders, the other people that can’t do anything but watch as the Nazis destroy everyone.

The fourth side I chose to do was from a different class where we researched 9/11 so I decided to add that to my fourth side: I painted this to represent a story that I listened to about Harry Ong Jr., a Family member of a woman named Betty Ong that was on one of the planes that crashed during 9/11. During his interview He said “I got up and turned on the TV and there was just this big black hole in the World Trade Center. And there was just smoke billowing out of it.” So I painted the big black hole with smoke billowing out of it. His sister was on one of the planes that crashed into the World Trade Center. Their dad stays up at night watching the TV, waiting for a phone call back from Betty. It never comes. so I painted their dad with the TV, and tears on his face

If I could make this again and had unlimited time and materials, I would add more detail to the towers and make them a little straighter, make the fire a little more realistic, make the person look more like a person but keep it in black and maybe make him sitting on the ground. I would also make the TV a more modern version. I really like the way I did the smoke but I would make more and spread it out more so It’s not so thick. But, I don’t have unlimited time and materials so this is what it is.

Since I can’t attach multiple pictures to show each of the sides, I made a google doc with all of the pictures, so here is the link:


The lighting when I took the pictures was really bad, so they look bad but it looks good in real life

School: Etude Middle School

Teacher: Maddi Spletter

Grade: 6th Grade

Location: Plymouth, WI, United States


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