Hello from Montana (sunny today…who knows about tomorrow?)

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      Hello everyone! At this moment I am sitting at my desk, papers in front of me and to the side of me. The sun is shining today and I have my classroom window open. The weather may change tomorrow…springtime in Montana is highly unpredictable.

      I teach AP English Language and Composition and my students take their AP exam tomorrow; we are all exhausted and, I think, ready. I also teach College Public Speaking and my seniors are both nervous and excited to graduate!

      I attended a TOLI satellite in 2014: Worlds Apart But Not Strangers. TOLI weaves seamlessly with the work I do with National Writing Project. Both build teacher knowledge and both help to develop strategies for incorporating writing and human rights issues into class.

      Outside of work, I am a volunteer ski patroller and spend most weekends in the winter skiing and patrolling. I spend as much time as possible in the mountains, with my dogs, and with my family.

      I can’t wait to physically see everyone in June!

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      Hi Bridgett! After my parents “retired” a few years ago, they moved to a cabin outside Red Lodge, MT. They often talk about the changing weather. Apparently they had 4 feet of snow over a weekend recently! I am jealous of those of you who get to view the mountains every day.

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        Red Lodge is only about 1 hour from me (which in Montana is close)! Where do you live?

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      Hi there, Bridgett! I look forward to meeting you in person this June. Hope your students did well on their AP exams, and I wish you a smooth end of your school year.

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        I hope they did well too! I am looking forward to meeting you in person next month!

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      Looking forward to seeing all of you in person! Sounds like Montana spring is similar to NH. We had 80 degree weather in April for a week and then cold. This is the first week I am in short sleeves since then!
      See you soon!

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        That sounds so similar to our weather! I am also looking forward to meeting everyone…it’s a long time coming!

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      Hello, Bridgett!
      Yay! We all finally get to meet in person! That end-of-school-year feeling is familiar and complicated, isn’t it! Looking forward to seeing you in June!

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      Oh, geez! I just saw your profile pic!!! Our doggos could be related!!! Miy Ellie is sweet, but a bit of a muppet!

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      Too funny, Barb! Walter is totally a muppet/mop! Send me a picture!

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