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      Hello All,
      My name is Heather O’Loughlin and I am coming to you live from Phoenix Arizona. I am a transplant here and originally come from the Boston Massachusetts area. I have lived in Phoenix for over 30 years and it is where I met my husband Brian who was born and raised in Limerick Ireland. I have a daughter who graduated from the University of Arizona with a degree in Environmental studies. She is currently finding her way through life (chuckle).

      I recently graduated from Arizona State University with a doctorate in English Education. My dissertation focus was YA Graphic Novels/Memoirs. I am currently a Faculty Associate at ASU and a full time English teachers in Scottsdale Arizona. I have no desire to go into research or academia. I believe that students of every age should have the expertise of a doctor for their learning.

      I love to travel and I am sooooo excited to finally make to to NYC and our workshops. Prior to seeing you all, I will be traveling through Europe and hopefully stopping to stop at some of the landmarks that are related to the Holocaust and those whose lives were lost.

      Can’t wait to meet the new people and really can’t wait to meet the people that I looked at through a screen for the past three years! June can’t get here fast enough.

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      I cannot wait to see you in person as well!!! Enjoy your travels!

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      Hello Heather,
      Congratulations on your doctorate. I would love to hear about your work and studies of YA lit. I look forward to meeting you in person in June.

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