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      I am Jakub/Jacob from Poland and I live in PoznaƄ. I love challenges and I really enjoy working with YOUNG people. I am a human rights educator, Jewish museum guide ethics teacher and Phd student – my doctoral thesis will be on sensivity among Polish and Ukrainians students.

      I was going to attend TOLI Seminar last year but I had COVID. I am so happy that I was invited again in this summer:):):) Thanks a lot!

      For many years I have been working with children and teenagers. I try to connect nonformal and formal education. I teach tolerance and acceptance of every person. I work as a trainer with the Center for Civic Education in Warsaw and I am a guide at the Museum of the History of Polish Jews. I belong to the group of dialogue leaders in Forum for Dialogue:

      I like reading books and cooking. I have different identities and I am proud of them.

      I am glad that I will be able to meet teachers and educators from the US!


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      We are so lucky to have you join the seminar and learn about your experiences. It sounds like you are doing such important work. I look forward to meeting you in June!

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      Hello Jakub!
      I am looking forward to meeting you and learning from you and your experiences. Your work with a variety of ages and communities gives you a unique perspective that will be an asset to this cohort.
      Thank you,

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      Hello Jakub,

      I look forward in meeting you at the seminar and learn about your experiences.

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