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O’Neill High School Remembrance Project

For English teacher Katrina Gotschall, the goal of the O’Neill High School Holocaust Remembrance Project is to allow rural Holocaust literature students to bear witness to what they have studied in their classrooms. A mini-grant made it possible for them to travel to Washington, DC and spend a day at the United States Holocaust Memorial […continue]

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Feld Trip to the Illinois Holocaust Memorial Museum and Education Center

Students in Scott Lone’s US History classes spend three weeks studying the Holocaust, a curriculum which culminates in a meeting with a local Holocaust survivor. A mini-grant made it possible for Scott’s students to visit the Illinois Holocaust Memorial Museum and Education Center as well, the first event of its kind in his district.   […continue]

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Field Trip to the Jewish Film Festival

It was more than another afternoon at the movies. Zack Hull, an English teacher at Carson Middle School in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, had arranged for the entire eighth grade to attend a special screening of Nicky’s Family through Teen Screen, a program of JFilm: The Pittsburgh Jewish Film Forum. Zack, who participated in the Memorial Library’s […continue]

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WWII Speaker Series

Jane Luethge, currently a humanities curriculum specialist at Burke High School in Omaha, embarked on a life-changing journey with the senior English class at Omaha Central High School during the 2013-2014 school year. A participant in the Library’s Nebraska Satellite, she piloted Central’s new course on “Social Justice,” engaging 35 students in both literature and […continue]

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Connecting Students to History

Students from Carrie McCallum’s Holocaust and Genocide Literature class at St. Helen’s High School traveled to Portland, Oregon to tour the Oregon Holocaust Memorial in Washington Park and hear Holocaust survivor Miriam Greenstein speak at the Oregon Holocaust Resource Center. Prior to the excursion and as part of the curriculum for the class, students read […continue]

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Field trip to New York City and Washington, DC with York College Students

This grant supported a travel course at York College in York, Nebraska. The course, “The Holocaust: Special Studies,” was designed and taught by Erin DeHart, with co-facilitator, Chris Luther. It is a summer course in which undergraduate students complete classroom activities and then travel in NYC and Washington DC studying the Holocaust through experiential learning. […continue]

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Holocaust in History Student Tour

In June 2012, Ginny Hoke along with eight current and former Thurston High School students joined thirty students and four teachers from Clackamas, Oregon, and Fishers, Indiana, to travel on a Holocaust in History tour to Germany, Poland, and the Czech Republic. The group from Thurston High School represents students who have taken on leadership […continue]

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Remembering What You Saw

In February 2010 and then again in 2011, Sue Fletcher, along with students from her freshman composition course, visited the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum with support from the Memorial Library. This experience serves as the culmination of a Freshman Composition course taught by Ms. Fletcher and her colleague, Luke Horn. Their primary focus is […continue]

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