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Visit with a Holocaust Survivor at the Freedom Center Museum

A mini-grant made it possible for English teacher Elizabeth Crawford to take 51 students, two teachers, and one member of the local community on a tour of the National Underground Railroad Freedom Center Museum in Cincinnati. Participants actively engaged with the displays and gained a great deal from the material shared by the docents. They […continue]

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A Day with Survivor Irving Roth

Angela Hartman invited Holocaust survivor Irving Roth to visit Hutto Middle School, where he spoke with seventh graders who have been learning about the Holocaust in her classroom. The students prepared for his visit by reading Bondi’s Brother, the memoir he penned with his son Edward.   Mr. Roth addressed approximately 200 seventh grade students, […continue]

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Holocaust Inquiry Part 111: Our Journey

After she participated in the New York City Summer Seminar, HEN educator Lori Menning developed a series of Holocaust education initiatives to bring important messages about social justice to her school. Lori, an ELL/Bilingual teacher at New London High School in New London, Wisconsin, began with an Adopt-a-Survivor program, then followed that up by creating […continue]

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Emmanuel Habimana, Rwandan Genocide Survivor, Speaks with Students

Emmanuel Habimana from Kigali, Rwanda, was nine years old at the time of the Rwandan genocide. He is now a filmmaker, public speaker, and activist who engages audiences on the topics of genocide, forgiveness, and dealing with trauma. According to his press release, “His work began as a youth activist in Kigali where he collaborated […continue]

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Living History: Study of the Holocaust and Survivor Visit

Collins Hill High School hosted a child survivor of the Holocaust, Mr. Ben Walker, who spoke to a group of 9th graders about his experiences growing up in Romania, being sent to an unnamed concentration camp in Transnistra, and then to another one near Kopigorod. As part of his presentation, Mr. Walker explained that he […continue]

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Peer Mediators Community Outreach Project

Pam Bodnar, a leader of the Library’s Satellite Seminars, has been the recipient of several mini-grants. For several years she has brought students in the Marsh Junior High School Peer Mediation Program, which is dedicated to promoting peace and respect on campus and in the community, to meet with Holocaust survivors Monique and Jay Frankston. […continue]

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Bearing Witness

After a webcam conference with Holocaust survivor Irving Roth, Diane Williams and Angela Harvey, who along with Kellie Hannum, lead the Library’s Idaho Satellite Seminar, found their students to be inspired by his positive, forward looking vision of life. At one point during their “virtual” visit, a student asked Roth if he felt an obligation […continue]

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The Star Project

After participating in the summer seminar, Upper Peninsula Writing Project teachers Heather Hollands and Amy Laitinen wanted to bring a Holocaust survivor to their rural school district. A mini-grant from the Memorial Library helped to fund the visit of survivor Inge Auerbacher in May 2010 and to launch “The Star Project,” which engaged their entire […continue]

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