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The symbol of the Holocaust

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Mother’s love

“I don’t think all the misery but of the beauty that still remains” Anne Frank   By Slavena Atanasova Stoycheva

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Jewish Life after the War

The Jewish people survived and started something new – their own state following their traditions.

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This is my picture. It shows Auschwitz.. The picture shows horror and terror during the Second World War.

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Warsaw Jews

We need monuments to know what life was, what happened in the past.

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Memorial of the Murdered Jews of Europe

The picture I drew showed the monument dedicated to the murdered Jews of Europe. It is in Germany.

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I decided to draw the symbol of the Jews who lost their lives because of the desire of some people for power. I wrote the word Fairness in the middle because I think life should be one and the same for everyone and it is a value that no one should take away from you.

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“Don’t burn the Hope”

The Holocaust-pain in the eyes, hands outstretched for help, the fading flame of hope

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Two sides of the Coin

I want to show the difference between the two points of view of the Holocaust. The first one is Hitler’s point and the second is the Jewish one. They are completely different and opposite just like the two sides of the coin.

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Where are the Jews?

My picture shows the fear of the Nazi and the way people hide.

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