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R323 – Survivor

I wanted to represent the peace that a Holocaust survivor finally finds after their long, painful and unforgettable journey in the concentration camps.

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R324 – Auschwitz

Terrible place, terrible memories…

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R325 – Responsibility

Political Responsibility

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R161 – Holocaust

An oppressive leader and two symbols that marked the middle of the twentieth century: the Star of David and the Swastika.

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R166 – The Numbers

When the Jews were imprisoned in the camps, they became numbers in the eyes of the Germans.

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R167 – Striped pajamas

In the Nazi camps, Jews wore striped uniforms.

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R168 – Suffering

The barbed wire fence represented the harsh reality of the Jews during World War II.

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R169 – The hell

In this artwork, hell is symbolized by the Auschwitz Gate.

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R170 – Behind the bars

This drawing shows us the desire for freedom.

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R20 – Holocaust

Project -Holocaust

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