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Vlad’s Symbolism

This is a Swastika with stars of David on the inside to represent Jews who were prosecuted during the holocaust. the blue on represents Vlad from Maus and the Jews who survived, and the other three stars represent those who didn’t make it.

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WWII and the Holocaust Art Piece, connecting with Japanese interment camps and 9/11

I painted four sides of a box, here are the four sides, The first one Is Vlad, from the book Maus: I chose to do this because the clear white person is close to becoming black (black meaning death) The other black figures are people who died in the Holocaust and they’re trying to take […continue]

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Everyone comes together

This shows that in all of the people they all helped others and looked for the beauty in those dark times. The barbed wire shows that a lot of people got trapped but some people survived. I think a hand shows that all of the people were human.

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Symbol’s Voices

In Etude Middle’s Social Studies class we learned about the injustices of the Holocaust and The Japanese Internment Camps. For our final project for this unit we had to draw symbols of 3 people, 1 person related to the Holocaust, 1 related to the Japanese Internment Camps, and one of our choice. I chose to […continue]

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