Maryland Application Form 2023

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  • Note: Teachers from ALL subject areas are welcome!
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  • An opening statement: We don’t expect you to be an expert in Holocaust scholarship or pedagogy prior to attending the seminar. However, we would like your answers to these questions to convey a sense of what you hope to achieve, what knowledge, background, or perspective you bring, and what defines you as an educator.
  • In order to reserve your spot for the Regional Seminar, TOLI requests a valid credit card number for a good faith deposit of $100. Card numbers will be entered via a secure website portal. Your credit card will only be charged if you cancel two weeks or less prior to the start of the seminar or if you withdraw without notice. The charge serves as reimbursement for meals and resource materials ordered on your behalf.
  • PLEASE CONTACT THE SEMINAR LEADERS WITH ANY QUESTIONS YOU MAY HAVE. When your application is accepted, seminar leaders will ask you to send an email reply which will serve as a letter of your intent to attend the seminar.


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