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The Maryland Holocaust Educators Network (MD-HEN)  gathers middle school through university-level teachers from across the region to study the Holocaust and genocide in a context of local issues of civil rights and social justice. We will witness, study, and collaborate together to invigorate our teaching.  MD-HEN is funded by The Memorial Library and Art Collection of the Second World War in New York City, a foundation established by Holocaust survivor Olga Lengyel. The Memorial Library is home to the national Holocaust Educators Network.We will witness, study, and collaborate together to invigorate our teaching.


Dates TBD for 2020


Twenty teachers from all disciplines, middle school-university level, will be accepted through a competitive application process. Teachers may apply as individuals or as team members and may represent public, private, and charter schools throughout the mid-Atlantic region.


The seminar begins at Salisbury (MD) University on the evening of Sunday June 23th with an opening dinner. The seminar will end on Friday evening, June 28th.

COST? This week-long seminar is FREE. Participating teachers receive all books and materials, workshops and seminars, field trip transportation, evening events, and most breakfasts and lunches. Extremely low-cost housing options will be available on the Salisbury University campus.


Both MSDE CPD credit and Salisbury University graduate credit will be available to interested educators. Selected educators will be informed of their options at the time of acceptance.  Regular tuition and fees apply for those applying for university credit.

Applications must be submitted online using the form below. 

Your application must include the following:

Completed application form (all fields below), to include a personal statement:

1. The context in which you teach and the social issues, both large and small, that shape your students’ lives both in and outside of school. What is the area of critical need in your community? How does a lack of available social justice resources affect your students’ learning?

2. Your own interest in the Holocaust and social justice education. Specifically, please address the following:

• What first drew you to Holocaust or social justice studies? What is it about the subject that engages you personally?

• A book, film, or other work that has been integral to your thinking about the Holocaust. What speaks to you? What text has most shaped your thinking about the Holocaust? Please discuss one text in depth but if there are other books or films that are important to you, feel free to mention them.

• Specific social justice or equity issues you would like to learn more about during the summer institute.

• How will your participation in the MD-HEN Institute impact you and your students? How will it impact your community? How will your participation help you address the critical need you identified above? .

You should compose and save your longer responses in your word processor and cut and paste them into this application. In case of technical difficulties, you should have a copy of your application, should we need a backup of the information you submitted.

We don’t expect you to be an expert in Holocaust or social justice scholarship or pedagogy prior to attending the seminar. However, we would like your application to convey a sense of what it is that you hope to achieve, what knowledge, background, or perspective you will bring, and what it is that defines you as an educator. Knowing this about you will help us to select a varied and dynamic group of participants able to challenge, inform, and inspire one another through their unique viewpoints and bases of knowledge.

Contact Dr. Diana Wagner at with any questions.

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For more information about The Olga Lengyel Institute for Holocaust Studies and Human Rights (TOLI), please contact

TOLI is located at 58 East 79th Street in Manhattan. (get directions)