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O’Neill High School Remembrance Project
recipients: Katrina Gotschall, O'Neill High School, NE
date: 3/9/14

In March 2014, Katrina Gotschall and her student participants in the O’Neill High School “Remembrance Project” visited the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum in Washington, DC. For the past three years, Katrina has offered this optional fieldtrip for students enrolled in her Literature of the Holocaust class. Katrina participated in the Memorial Library Summer Seminar in 2013 and this year, with the support of the Memorial Library Mini Grant and significant student fundraising efforts, she held her largest field trip yet.

Katrina and her students were given a private tour of the museum by a docent who is also a past seminar participant. The students were moved throughout the experience, but were particularly impacted when they met a survivor. At the end of their museum experience, the students took time to write and later shared their writing with their group. One student wrote a poem entitled “Human,” and writes, “I didn’t want to know, because ignorance guards me. It guards me from feeling the pain of connection. That connection wont let me ignore the fact that these people were Human. If knowledge is power, then with great power comes great responsibility. Anyone who knows is responsible for carrying the Human souls of this great inHUMANity.”

In reflection on this fieldtrip, Katrina finds that “as a learning community, we have been able to transcend a discussion about a historical event, and transform it into a discussion about ourselves as human beings.”



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The Memorial Library is located at 58 East 79th Street in Manhattan. (get directions)