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Looking Toward the Future: Bringing Lessons of the Holocaust to the Gulf South

Photo: National World War II Museum, New Orleans, LA Looking Toward the Future is a seminar for educators at all levels desiring to deepen their understanding of the Holocaust. Through this investigative seminar, attendees will be challenged to think about ways to promote human rights and social justiceĀ in their classrooms. The inquiry-driven seminar uses writing […continue]

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Honoring Resilience: Learning from the Holocaust and Dakota Exile

Photo: Oheyawahi, a sacred Dakota site, attempts to balance the colonizing narrative with a greater indigenous perspective. Sponsored by The Olga Lengyel Institute (TOLI), Honoring Resilience: Learning from the Holocaust and Dakota Exile explores what can happen when people are dehumanized by a dominating group. Specific examples include the treatment of Jews during the Holocaust […continue]

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Defying the “Single Story”: Resistance, Holocaust, and Human Rights in the Classroom

This seminar brings together teachers from across the Carolinas who are looking to deepen their practice of teaching the Holocaust and and human rights. Our overarching theme is resistance, and we investigate this idea in a number of ways. We will focus on acts of resistance through the lenses of Holocaust partisans and resisters, Native […continue]

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Holocaust and Civil Rights Education for Wisconsin Classrooms

The Wisconsin satellite seminar is designed for teachers who seek to deepen their content knowledge and explore best practices in Holocaust education. The seminar will be held at Congregation Shalom in Fox Point, Wisconsin, and include a field day at the Illinois Holocaust Memorial Museum in Skokie, Illinois, and at the Black Holocaust Museum in […continue]

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Examining our Shared Humanity: Holocaust Education and Social Responsibility

Examining Our Shared Humanity brings together teachers from across Massachusetts who are looking to deepen their practice of teaching the Holocaust, other genocides, and helping their students consider the role of social responsibility. Participants will take an inquiry-based, multi-disciplinary approach to their study of the Holocaust and more recent genocides. They will use writing as […continue]

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