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Flipping the Script: How Narrative Acts of Resistance during the Holocaust Can Teach Us To Tell Our Own True Stories

In eight days spanning two weeks, participants of the TOLI AZ Summer Seminar will explore storytelling as an act of resistance during the Holocaust, including the example of the Oyneg Shabbos Archive in the Warsaw Ghetto. We will be honored by testimonies of first, second, and third-generation Holocaust survivors and an Echoes and Reflections fellow […continue]

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Bringing Human Rights into the Classroom through Exploration of the Holocaust and Virginia’s History of Racial Injustice

Teachers interested in increasing their capacities to engage students in exploring human rights in their classrooms are invited to apply to this seminar, sponsored by TOLI and supported by Loudoun County Public Schools.  Teachers will explore the complexities of the Holocaust and Virginia’s history of racial injustice, such as the connection between Jim Crow laws […continue]

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At the Crossroads: Navigating the Holocaust in Indiana’s Classrooms

Photo: Ahavath Sholom Synagogue in Ligonier, IN In this 5-day seminar, educators will explore what it means to teach the Holocaust by engaging in writing- and inquiry-based learning. Together we will examine the impact of identity, storytelling, and culture in our classrooms and in Holocaust education.  In support of the 2019 Indiana legislation requiring schools to […continue]

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Social Justice Lessons in the Heartland: Exploring the Holocaust and Human Rights in Oklahoma’s History

Photo: John Hope Franklin Reconciliation Tower Social Justice Lessons in the Heartland: Exploring the Holocaust and Human Rights in Oklahoma’s History is an inquiry-driven, writing-as-pedagogy-based seminar for educators of all levels interested in deepening their understanding of the Holocaust. Oklahoma’s diverse ethnic heritage, rich history, and the horrors of the 1921 Tulsa Race Massacre demonstrate […continue]

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Reclaiming Our Humanity: Lessons of the Holocaust for Today

The Mississippi seminar, Reclaiming Our Humanity, asks educators to consider these questions: What makes us human? What happens when our humanity is threatened? In this writing and inquiry-based seminar, participants examine anti-Jewish laws and Jim Crow laws, make connections to human rights issues of today, and consider how to bring these difficult topics into the classroom […continue]

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Lessons from the Past: Understanding the Holocaust and Human Rights Violations

This intensive professional development seminar, offered by The Olga Lengyel Institute (TOLI) in partnership with the Oregon Jewish Museum and Center for Holocaust Education, will provide educators with the opportunity to expand their awareness and understanding of the Holocaust and other, more recent genocides. Teachers will evaluate history, looking closely at world-changing decisions made at […continue]

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Teaching the Holocaust for Social Justice: The New Mexico Summer Satellite for Educators

This seminar, conducted with the support of The Olga Lengyel Institute (TOLI), is intended to reach educators from schools across the state who are looking for meaningful ways to teach the Holocaust and other events that reflect intolerance and persecution. Participants will learn about the history of the Holocaust from exemplary lessons presented by seminar […continue]

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Worlds Apart but not Strangers: Holocaust Education and Indian Education for All

Photo: Perspective at Deer Medicine Rocks   Worlds Apart But Not Strangers: Holocaust Education and Indian Education for All is designed for individuals and teams interested in finding relevance for today in Holocaust Education and Montana-mandated Indian Education for All. In this experiential, inquiry-based seminar, participating educators will discover ways to find connections between these […continue]

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Studying, Learning, and Teaching: Critical Lessons of Holocaust Education

This online summer seminar is designed specifically for teachers who want to deepen their content knowledge of the Holocaust and awareness of best practices in Holocaust education, while also working to help their schools meet the requirements of 2016 legislation that mandates genocide education in Michigan schools. The seminar is also open to educators from […continue]

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