Beyond the Single Story: Exploring the Effects of Cultural Annihilation During the Holocaust and Beyond

Date: July 10-14, 2023
Location: Charlotte, North Carolina

Applications for the 2023 seminar are now open!

This seminar brings together teachers from across the Carolinas who are looking to deepen their practice of teaching the Holocaust and and human rights. Our overarching theme is resistance, and we investigate this idea in a number of ways. We will focus on acts of resistance through the lenses of Holocaust partisans and resisters, Native Peoples and Civil Rights activists. Our seminar features speaker presentations, field trips, and visits from scholars designed to allow educators to engage more deeply with these challenging topics. Participants will leave with new ways of thinking and teaching about the Holocaust, indigenous peoples, and human rights. The seminar is open to educators of all levels—from mid-elementary grades through college. There is no cost for the seminar, most meals are provided, and low-cost housing is available at Queens University of Charlotte.

Further details:

Books and materials provided

Meals: Breakfasts, lunches, and some dinners

Professional development: 3 CEUs through Queens University of Charlotte

Field experiences: Temple Beth El and Shalom Park

Out-of-town participants: Low cost on-campus housing available

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Thank you to the Blumenthal Foundation for its generous support of our North Carolina Seminar.


  • Kim Jones

    Kimberly Jones is a high school English teacher at Chapel Hill High in the Chapel Hill Carrboro City Schools District. She teaches honors and standard level English 10 courses with a focus on World Literature. She serves as co-coordinator for the AVID college preparatory program and serves on district equity and inclusion and instructional planning teams. Kimberly completed her bachelor’s degree in English and her master’s degree in Education at Wake Forest University. Kimberly is a National Board Certified Teacher and the 2023 Burroughs Wellcome Fund North Central Region Teacher of the Year. Kimberly attended The Olga Lengyel Institute Summer Seminar in 2022.

    Away from work and civic life, Kim is a wife, stepmom, and an avid reader and crafter who loves quality time and great conversation with family and friends.

  • Donna Tarney

    Donna Tarney is the Executive Director at Call To Action, a progressive Catholic organization that works to build a culture of inclusion and justice in the church and society. Prior to this, Donna was the Education and Outreach Specialist at the Stan Greenspon Holocaust and Social Justice Education Center in Charlotte, NC. In that capacity, Donna created and facilitated Holocaust and human rights programs for schools and community groups throughout North
    and South Carolina.

    Donna taught Theology, History, and Holocaust courses for thirteen years at Charlotte Catholic High School. She is the creator of Becoming One Human Family, a program that brings Holocaust and human rights lessons into Charlotte public, private and charter middle and high schools. Donna facilitates virtual and in person sessions for school educators and community groups to help them recognize bias and prejudice in their own lives and work toward appreciation of diversity.

    Donna holds a master’s degree in education from Loyola University and earned a Certificate in Holocaust Studies from Georgetown University. She attended TOLI NY in 2014 and has been co-leading our Summer Satellite Program for eight years.


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