Crossing Lines: Standing Up for Human Rights

Date: July 12-29, 2021 (Mondays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays). Nine online sessions over a three-week span.
Location: California (Virtual)

Our 3-week online seminar will provide educators (grades 2 – university, across disciplines) with  the content background to create safe spaces for exploring human rights issues, such as bullying,  exclusion, state- sanctioned forced removal, and genocide. Participants will examine the history of the Holocaust, Japanese  American incarceration, the “Secret War in Laos,” and the impact of propaganda. The seminar will focus on the power of upstanders to shape the future of their communities and world.

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  • Gail Desler

    Gail Desler is a technology specialist for the Elk Grove School District (California). Using technology to help students cross the line from bystander to upstander is central to her workshops. Her passion for teaching for social justice has been nurtured by the Area 3 Writing Project, the National Writing Project, and the Olga Lengyel Institute

  • Pam Bodnar

    Pam Bodnar is a retired middle school counselor at Marsh Jr. High in Chico California. She is a passionate advocate of social justice and cultural awareness. Pam is dedicated to training student peer mediators as peace ambassadors through Holocaust Education programs and international travel experiences.


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