Lessons from the Past: Understanding the Holocaust and Human Rights Violations

Date: June 20 - 24, 2022
Location: Portland, Oregon

This intensive professional development seminar, offered by The Olga Lengyel Institute (TOLI) in partnership with the Oregon Jewish Museum and Center for Holocaust Education, will provide educators with the opportunity to expand their awareness and understanding of the Holocaust and other, more recent genocides. Teachers will evaluate history, looking closely at world-changing decisions made at key moments in time. They will collaborate to develop classroom strategies to help their students understand how the past affects the present, find their voice in speaking out for social justice, and envision the wide-reaching impact of their future choices. Participants will also explore ways to integrate instruction on racial and ethnic discrimination in Oregon, specifically within the context of Japanese-American internment during World War Two. In addition, the seminar offers an orientation on general Jewish history and culture, and the specific Jewish experience in Oregon.

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This TOLI seminar is offered at no cost to educators. A valid credit card is required for a good faith deposit of $100. Your credit card will only be charged if you cancel less than 2 weeks before the seminar begins or withdraw without notice.

Please contact our Satellite Seminar coordinator, Wendy Zagray Warren, at wwarren@tolinstitute.org for more information.



    Robert Hadley is a 2013 Olga Lengyel Institute Fellow as well as a 2001-02 fellow with the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum. He completed a Masters degree in Holocaust and Genocide Studies at Gratz College in 2018. He has published works regarding teaching about the genocide against the Tutsis in Rwanda with the USC Shoah Foundation. He currently works as a director of Educators Rising in SW Alaska focusing on community sustainability with Native Alaskans. Rob has done extensive work in human rights, working with the Never Again Foundation to make the state of Oregon and the city of Portland conflict free, an initiative to end the trade of conflict minerals.


    Carrie McCallum is an English/Language Arts teacher at St. Helens High School in St. Helens, Oregon. She holds a master’s degree in teaching from Southern Oregon University, as well as a master’s certificate in Holocaust and Genocide Studies from Georgetown University’s Program for Jewish Civilization. Carrie has taught the Holocaust since 2003, adding an elective on Holocaust and Genocide Literature in 2011. An Alfred Lerner fellow, a United States Holocaust Memorial Museum Teacher Fellow, and a Cohen Center fellow, she has also attended multiple Holocaust education programs, including the Holocaust and Jewish Resistance Teachers Program, the Jan Karski Institute, and the Rafael Schachter Institute. Carrie attended TOLI’s New York City Summer Seminar in 2009.


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