European Impact Grants

The European Impact Grants of the The Olga Lengyel Institute (TOLI) started in 2016, as a complementary program to the yearly seminars for teachers organized in various European countries. 

Seminar graduates have the opportunity to apply for a small grant to develop projects with their students, to put into action the learning they gained during the seminars. This program encourages teachers to be innovative and to engage their students in participatory learning activities focused on the Holocaust and human rights. At the same time, these projects take into account present day realities and use the lessons of the Holocaust to motivate students to act against stereotypes, prejudices and discrimination in their own environment. 

In the first year (2016-2017), a number of 27 teachers received a support to implement their projects, 11 in Romania and 16 in Bulgaria. In the second year (2017-2018), a number of 31 teachers received the grant, 16 in Romania and 15 in Bulgaria. In the third year (2018-2019) TOLI funded 55 projects, 22 in Romania, 15 in Bulgaria, 10 in Greece, 7 in Poland and 1 in Republic of Moldova. The projects were developed at class level or school level, some involved the community and consisted of curricular and extra-curricular activities. A short description of each project, accompanied by photos, is presented below. 

While teachers may continue to apply for impact grants, individual projects may receive only one grant per year for no more than three years. For more information about how to apply for a impact grant, participants in TOLI seminars in Europe should contact Oana Bajka at



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