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Fort Lewis College

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Durango, Colorado

Role at School

history instructor


About Me: Please share a bit about yourself--school life, family life, interests (academic and other).

I live in the high desert of southwest Colorado and teach history at a small public liberal arts school in the Four Corners. I arrived here in 2004 and in the intervening years have acquired a loving family, even more loving dogs (and a cat), and a home in a nice neighborhood. I love to work and play outdoors–esp. with my dogs and family. I grew up in the Midwest (Wisconsin), traveled to central Europe often between 18 and 33, studied 7 different languages, completed grad school in history at KU in Lawrence, KS, and lived and taught at several Minnesota state schools before landing my job at Fort Lewis College in 2004. I’ve taught European history from medieval times to yesterday but my focus has always been people of the 20th century, esp. in central and eastern Europe.