Kyiv, Ukraine


Over 30 teachers from throughout Ukraine gathered in Kyiv (Kiev) from November 1-5 for a TOLI seminar on teaching the Holocaust and applying its lessons to today’s world. The seminar was organized in partnership with the Ukrainian Center for Holocaust Studies (UCHS) and the Jewish Community of Ukraine.


“Convening this program in a country where over 1.5 million Jews were killed, and before that was a center of Jewish life, is a testimonial to the those who perished,” said David Field, Chairman, and Mark Berez, President, of TOLI, both of whom participated in the program.


In addition to the intensive program of workshops and lectures, including Vadim Altskan of the US Holocaust Memorial Museum, Arthur Berger, TOLI Board member speaking about anti-Semitism, and Assia Raberman, Holocaust survivor and featured TOLI lecturer, the teachers were afforded the opportunity to learn about the Jewish community on a visit to the landmark Brodsky Choral Synagogue. They also visited Babi-Yar, the nearby ravine where on September 29-30, 1941 nearly 40,000 Jews from Kyiv were brutally murdered by German SS troops.  For many of the teachers, this was the first time they had visited Babi-Yar and had the opportunity to learn about the Holocaust in Ukraine.


Oana Nestian-Sandu, TOLI International Program Director, and Anatoly Podolksy and Vitalii Bobrov of UCHS organized a successful program and one that will provide teachers the much-needed resources to teach the Holocaust in their schools in Ukraine. 

David Field, Chairman of TOLI, at the opening of the Kiev seminar in Ukraine, Dec. 1.

Oana Nestian-Sandu, TOLI European Director, hugging Assia Raberman on her 91st birthday, the Jewish Community Center in Kiev. Seated, Mark Berez, President of TOLI, and Carole Berez, board member.

Anatoly Podolsky, head of Ukraine Center for Holocaust Studies, presenting certificate to a teacher. With him is Assia Raberman.

Arthur Berger, TOLI Board Member, saying Kaddish at the memorial for the 34,000 Jews who were massacred by the Nazis at Babi-Yar in Kiev.


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