Summer Satellite Seminars the Largest Number in TOLI’s History


In 2017, TOLI ran 11 satellite seminars in communities across the country, the largest number in its history. The summer 2017 schedule, which included five new locations, reflected TOLI’s ongoing effort to expand its nationwide network of Holocaust and social justice educators.

TOLI launched new seminars in Minnesota, Wisconsin, Oregon, New Jersey, and Charlotte, North Carolina, while continuing to run seminars in Maryland, Massachusetts, Michigan, New Mexico, and Ohio. The Montana seminar changed venue this past summer, moving to Billings after 7 years in Missoula.

The goal of the satellite seminars is to bring a growing number of teachers into the process of Holocaust and social justice education in order to have far- reaching impact on local schools, families, and communities. Each satellite addresses the Holocaust, genocide, and contemporary social justice questions, often with a focus on state history or a current regional issue.

Seminar leaders have all participated in TOLI’s Leadership Institute, held every three years for graduates of its New York City Summer Seminar. Candidates must have demonstrated leadership ability as well as a clear vision for a satellite seminar in their home states.

As co-leaders of the new, highly successful Charlotte seminar, Tonya Wertz-Orbaugh and Donna Tarney found their participation in the Leadership Institute invaluable. In particular, their deepened content knowledge about the Holocaust and awareness of innovative pedagogical approaches enabled them to develop creative, authentic programming for a cadre of local educators.

Tonya believes strongly in the power of this initiative to make a difference. “This work is so important, now more than ever,” she says. The satellite seminar program continues to thrive and expand. TOLI is pleased to offer a tentative schedule in the works for summer 2018, available here.


Participants in the 2017 Satellite Seminar in Billings, Montana.


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