Teaching About The Holocaust and Human Rights Through Art: Poland Moves Online


In Poland, an 8-week online course titled Teaching about the Holocaust and Human Right through Art will be organized by TOLI in partnership with POLIN Museum.  Yad Vashem Institute contributed to the course by sharing knowledge on the subject matter. The content of the course includes little-known stories of people and events, and a new look at literature on the Holocaust. Participants will learn the story of Assia Raberman, a Holocaust survivor; Isaac Celnikier, thanks to whom graphic artists are better acquainted with the history of the ghetto in Bialystok today, among others. The speakers are national and international experts from various institutions, including Yad Vashem. One innovative aspect of the course is the involvement in the preparation of the content and methodology of TOLI graduates, who attended in-person seminars in past years.

The online course is addressed to teachers, educators and social activists in Poland, interested in teaching about the Holocaust and human rights, who already have basic knowledge of the history of the Holocaust and some experience teaching it. The methodology will consist of both synchronous and asynchronous activities. Some modules will consist of webinar meetings, while in other modules the participants can work on the topic at a time convenient to them.

The aims of this course are:

  • to create a network of teachers dedicated to teaching the Holocaust and human rights;
  • to use literature, films, photographs, art to teach about the Holocaust and human rights;
  • to learn new methods and techniques for teaching the Holocaust and human rights;
  • to broaden perspectives by understanding the past and present realities of other countries;
  • to promote teaching via the experiences of an individual;
  • to make teaching relevant to the contemporary problems the world faces.

The language of this course will be Polish. 


Similar online programs are being developed for teachers in Romania, Ukraine and Italy. More details will be provided in the next newsletter. 


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