TOLI Art Exhibit

Visit our TOLI Art Exhibit page to view the powerful pieces from students around the world reflecting what they have learned about the Holocaust through art. [ more]

"Stamped" Online Antiracism Reading Group, Mississippi

The Mississippi Satellite opened an invitation to 16 educators for an intensive weeklong reading, reflecting, and discussing "Stamped: Racism, Antiracism," and You, by Jason Reynolds & Ibram X. Kendi [ more]

TOLI Holds First Seminar in Vilnius, Lithuania

Assia Raberman, Holocaust survivor, speaking to teachers at Lithuania seminar. [ more]

TOLI Seminar in Kiev, November 1-5, for teachers in Ukraine

The seminar also visited the Babi-Yar Forest Memorial to victims of brutal Nazi massacre. [ more]

Worlds Apart But Not Strangers

Learning From Holocaust & Native American Experience to Confront Extremism and Intolerance [ more]

"TOLI Embodies a Deep and Rich Humanity That Helps Teachers Build Relationships That Strengthen Everyone in the Struggle for Justice."

Featuring TOLI Teacher Peter Bobbe of Mountain Heritage High School, Burnsville, NC. [ more]

"My Students Will Be The Ones To Make The World A More Inclusive Place, Where No One Will Be Called 'The Other.'"

Featuring TOLI Teacher Andy Dombrowski ofChrist the King School, Lexington, KY [ more]


We at TOLI, like so many others, are deeply disturbed over the senseless killing of George Floyd in Minneapolis, Breonna Taylor in Louisville, and the far too many other Black people who have died because of systemic racism. It is unacceptable that the scourge of racism, inequality before the law and social injustice are still prevalent in American society. 

We support the peaceful protests that have taken place around the US and the world  and hope they will provide a catalyst for long overdue change.

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TOLI Featured Teacher, Bettina Pope: Creating Change Agents Through Holocaust Education

Bettina Pope, a teacher in Wake Forest, NC and TOLI alumnae, sees the impact of her teaching the Holocaust has in today’s anti-racism movement.

“I believe in creating change agents,” says Bettina Pope, a teacher in Wake Forest, NC., about  her students. And has long felt that her work as a Holocuast educator would lead to change in the world outside the classroom walls.

Participating in TOLI’s professional development seminar in Jackson, Mississippi had a large impact on how she goes about her teaching. And it translates today into the widespread movement for racial justice.

“The first thing that comes to mind is a quote by Elie Wiesel: ‘The opposite of love is not hate; the opposite of love is indifference.’” Bettina says when asked about the current Black Lives Matter movement. “In Holocaust education, we after talk about the role of the bystander. What I am seeing with the BLM movement is that more and more people are refusing to be bystanders.  History, specifically the Holocaust, has taught us what happens when good people stand by and do nothing. This generation is the first to have had the benefit of a more comprehensive Holocaust education and I believe that they are putting what they have learned into action.  They refuse to be bystanders!” Read full story here

TOLI in the News

Times Of Israel – As Holocaust Awareness Declines in US, Youth Make Art to Preserve Fading History

NY’s Olga Lengyel Institute reacts to disturbing new research about lack of once common Holocaust facts, highlighting its new ‘How High School Students See the Holocaust’ exhibit By MATT LEBOVIC  September […continue]

“Stamped” Antiracist Reading Group, Mississippi—Tracei Willis, Wendy Zagray Warren

The Mississippi Satellite opened an invitation to educators who signed up for an intensive weeklong reading, reflecting, and discussing Stamped: Racism, Antiracism, and You, by Jason Reynolds and Ibram X. […continue]

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Broken Glass, Broken Lives: Putting the Pieces Back Together

  • Scott Lone, West Bend High School, West Bend, Wisconsin

How Can the World Community Ensure ‘Never Again’?: An Evening With Holocaust Survivor Irving Roth

  • Jennifer Rodgers, Dominion High School, Sterling, Virginia

Memory and Legacy – Migration Workshop with Rachael Cerrotti

  • Amy McLaughlin-Hatch, Southeastern Regional Vocational Technical High School, South Easton, Massachusetts

A Student’s Journey

  • Angela Frank, Springbrook Middle School, Adrian, Michigan

Graduates of TOLI Summer Seminars are eligible to apply for mini-grants to support projects in their classrooms, their schools, and their communities. Grants are awarded to support a wide variety of classroom work, visits by Holocaust survivors, field trips to Holocaust centers and other relevant sites, and extended programming and community outreach that bring Holocaust and social justice education to wider audiences.


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Graduates of our summer seminars in Europe are eligible to apply for mini-grants of up to $300 for projects in their classrooms, their schools, and their communities. These grants have been  used to support teaching students about the Holocaust, human rights, Jewish life in their country or community, discrimination, tolerance, and respect for diversity.

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Satellite Programs

While TOLI has had to cancel or alter these programs because of coronavirus, the following indicates the many seminars scheduled in 2020 and that will take place in 2021.


The Satellite Seminars bring TOLI programs to teachers across the country. These five-day seminars are designed to provide a collaborative and safe environment in which teachers can explore the difficult subject of the Holocaust and other genocides. While each Satellite focuses on local issues, the overall goal is for teachers in all of the Satellites to leave with strategies, materials, and ideas for use in their own classrooms. One long-term goal is for teachers to become advocates for social change and to return to their classrooms with action plans that will enable them and their students to have a positive impact on their communities.

Satellite Locations

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International Programs

While TOLI has had to cancel or alter these programs because of coronavirus, the following indicates the many seminars scheduled in 2020 and that will take place in 2021.


TOLI has been steadily expanding its reach overseas after identifying a critical need to support teachers in Europe. Since 2012, TOLI has been providing important resources to European educators with limited or no access to the tools they need to engage students in the study of the Holocaust and social justice issues.

Program Locations

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