Stream Our Special Event with Park Avenue Synagogue

Now available on YouTube: Professor David Kertzer, Abraham Foxman, and Rabbi Elliot Cosgrove. [ more]

Greece the First of Ten European Countries to Host TOLI Program in 2023

Greek Government Provides Schools, Teachers with Auschwitz Memoir by Olga Lengyel [ more]

Amidst War, Teachers Show up in Ukraine for TOLI Seminar

Twenty-seven teachers showed up virtually for the TOLI International Program in Ukraine. [ more]

Educators convened in Croatia, November 17-21

Our recent International Program took place in Croatia, bringing together regional educators for discussions on Holocaust history and connecting contemporary issues of human rights and social justice. [ more]

Exploring Virginia's history of racial injustice

Teacher explore the connection between Jim Crow laws in America and Nazi Germany’s Nuremberg laws. [ more]

Teaching social justice issues in the heartland

The horrors of the 1921 Tulsa Race Massacre demonstrate the need to teach social justice and tolerance within our communities. [ more]

Bulgaria Seminar: Rescue of Jewish Community And Legacy Today

Annual program is held at the American University of Bulgaria [ more]


Across the US and Europe, over 600 teachers will take part in TOLI seminars this year, each benefiting from a week of professional development in Holocaust education.


TOLI’S professional development programs for Holocaust and human rights educators will take place in 14 states  along with the national seminar in New York City.

View our regional seminars, and learn more about TOLI’s Programs in the US.


TOLI has expanded its network of European programs to ten countries, with Spain joining this year.  There will also be an international conference of European Holocaust educators in Valencia in December.

View our existing European seminar locations.

TOLI in the News

EdWeek: Teaching the Holocaust Is Daunting—But Critical

Read TOLI Executive Director Deborah Lauter’s Op-Ed, “Teaching the Holocaust is Daunting–But Critical” that appeared in the national publication,  Education Week,  in conjunction with International Holocaust Remembrance Day, January 27. […continue]

RNS: Teaching teachers about the Holocaust and its lessons for democracy today

The Olga Lengyel Institute trains schoolteachers to view the Holocaust as a prism for understanding social injustice, bigotry and hatred. Read more in Religion News Service>>

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Impact Grants

Students in Dupnitsa, Bulgaria, remember Holocaust survivors and rescuers with a poster exhibition at their school. A project supported by TOLI impact grants.

Students in Dupnitsa, Bulgaria, remember Holocaust survivors and rescuers with a poster exhibition at their school. A project supported by TOLI impact grants.


Since 2016, TOLI has provided impact grants to teachers who have participated in our seminars to support their classroom projects. The grants reached over 47,000 students , nearly 10,000 in eight countries last year. These grants help students learn about the Holocaust, human rights, and communities where almost all the Jewish population  was destroyed by the Nazis and their local collaborators.

The grants, ranging from $250-$500, support research, field trips, and multimedia projects.