TOLI Leaders Convene for Leadership Conference in Atlanta, Georgia

Every year, TOLI Leaders (teachers who have attended TOLI seminars and now lead Holocaust education in their own cities) gather for TOLI’s Leadership Institute Conference. [ more]

To Fight Antisemitism, Improve Holocaust Education

TOLI Executive Director, Deborah Lauter: Broad philanthropic support for combating antisemitism must include greater investment in teaching about the Holocaust. [ more]

Full Year of Holocaust Educator Programs Underway

Teachers in Greece, Croatia, and Ukraine recently participated in TOLI seminars, designed to provide them with skills to teach their students about the Holocaust and its lessons. [ more]

Summer Seminars Taking Place Across USA

USA seminars bring the TOLI educational model to teachers across the United States. [ more]

Watch "Days of Remembrance: The Kindertransport"

The Kindertransport saved the lives of Alice (right) and approximately 10,000 other youths during the Holocaust. [ more]

Upcoming and Recorded Virtual Events

View recordings of virtual events featuring scholars, writers, journalists, and others on topics relating to Holocaust education, human rights, antisemitism and racism, and strengthening democracy. [ more]

24 teacher programs are taking place this summer in the US and Europe.

In 2024, TOLI is conducting 24 programs for teachers in the US and Europe. As a result, hundreds of teachers are joining our global network of educators committed to gaining the knowledge and skills to teach the Holocaust and its lessons for today’s students. In the US, TOLI regional seminars are taking place in 10 cities across the country. In Europe, four new countries have joined the 10 that have been running, thanks to a generous grant from the Claims Conference.


TOLI regional seminar leaders from across the US will gather in Atlanta in June for a five-day conference to gain new knowledge, examine best practices, and strengthen personal connections with colleagues in the field of Holocaust education and human rights. The conference will provide an opportunity to honor our Senior Director of US Programs, Sondra Perl, as she retires this year. Dr. Perl has created and led TOLI’s domestic programs since 2006 and has had an enormous impact on teachers and Holocaust education.

Regional seminars this summer are taking place in California, Louisiana, Michigan, Minnesota, Montana, New Mexico, Oregon, Virginia/DC, and Wisconsin. Each four- or five- day program focuses on the Holocaust and local histories of racism as well as issues pertaining to genocide and human rights.

Learn more about TOLI’s US programs here.


We have expanded our reach in Europe to four new countries – Albania, Georgia, Hungary, and Slovakia – thanks to a generous grant from the Claims Conference. Together with annual programs in Bulgaria, Croatia, Greece, Italy, Lithuania, Poland, Romania, Serbia, Spain, and Ukraine, TOLI has become a leading provider of Holocaust education for teachers in Europe. Our programs inspire teachers to develop local projects with their students, work together with the local Jewish communities, visit Holocaust-related sites, and find creative ways to promote social justice. All programs focus on the history and contemporary danger of antisemitism, which has reached the most alarming levels since the Holocaust.

In addition, TOLI teachers from over 10 countries took part in our annual program for experienced Holocaust educators, this year in Croatia. This international seminar enabled teachers to learn from each other and build transnational programs, some of them with schools and students who are the beneficiaries of TOLI Impact Grants.

Learn more about TOLI’s international programs here.

TOLI in the News

Op-Ed: Challenging the misguided Holocaust-Gaza comparisons

Accusing Israel of ‘genocide’ for going into Gaza and taking proactive steps to eliminate those who slaughtered their families, not only debases the term, but also fuels surge in antisemitism […continue]

As nationalism rises in Serbia, a Holocaust education seminar for teachers gets more popular

We are pleased to share with you this article in the Jewish Telegraphic Agency (JTA) news service about the TOLI seminar in Serbia, the impact it has had on teachers, […continue]

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Impact Grants

Students in Dupnitsa, Bulgaria, remember Holocaust survivors and rescuers with a poster exhibition at their school. A project supported by TOLI impact grants.

Students in Dupnitsa, Bulgaria, remember Holocaust survivors and rescuers with a poster exhibition at their school. A project supported by TOLI impact grants.


Since 2016, TOLI has provided impact grants to teachers who have participated in our seminars to support their classroom projects. The grants reached over 47,000 students , nearly 10,000 in eight countries last year. These grants help students learn about the Holocaust, human rights, and communities where almost all the Jewish population  was destroyed by the Nazis and their local collaborators.

The grants, ranging from $250-$500, support research, field trips, and multimedia projects.