The Olga Lengyel Institute for Holocaust Studies and Human Rights

TOLI is a nonprofit providing professional development to educators who teach about the Holocaust, other genocides, and human rights across the United States and overseas. TOLI was established to continue the work of Olga Lengyel, a Holocaust survivor and memoirist, who made it her life’s work to educate future generations about the Holocaust and its relevance today. Olga’s memoir is credited as the inspiration for William Styron’s novel and award-winning movie “Sophie’s Choice.”

TOLI programs are built around a unique methodology that focuses on inquiry, writing and learning in a safe, collaborative environment. Since our first seminar in 2006, over 1,000 middle school, high school and university educators have participated in TOLI programs that inspire them to teach creatively and effectively about the Holocaust, other genocides, and human rights.

Every educator who participates in a TOLI program becomes a member of TOLI’s Holocaust Educators Network (HEN) and leaves with strategies, materials, and ideas for use in their own classrooms. By bringing the lessons of the Holocaust into today’s world, they become powerful social advocates and can inspire their classrooms to promote social change in their communities. With funding and support from private, public, corporate, and individual partners we are adding hundreds of new educators to HEN every year.

TOLI New York City Summer Seminar
Our cornerstone professional development program engages a select group of middle school, high school, and university educators in an intensive 12-day program of study at Olga Lengyel’s former residence, the Memorial Library, in New York City.

TOLI Satellite Seminars
Modeled on the New York City Summer Seminar, and led by its graduates, TOLI Satellite Seminars take place across the United States and incorporate local issues as well as the Holocaust and other genocides.

TOLI International Seminars
TOLI works with partners in Europe and has held groundbreaking Holocaust education programs for educators in countries including Austria, Bulgaria, Greece, and Romania.


The home of TOLI is at the Memorial Library building located on Manhattan’s East side.


For more information about The Olga Lengyel Institute for Holocaust Studies and Human Rights (TOLI), please contact

TOLI is located at 58 East 79th Street in Manhattan. (get directions)