Amber Tilley: The Urgency of Teaching Holocaust Literature

Amber Tilley

Amber Tilley, a teacher at Northland Pines High School, was raised in a small Wisconsin town. She recalls how profoundly moved she was by Elie Wiesel’s book “Night” when starting her career. She knew she wanted to teach the book and its depiction of Auschwitz and genocide, but she didn’t have any experience in Holocaust […continue]

Kimberly Jones: Why I became a Holocaust Educator

Meet Kimberly Jones, high school teacher from Chapel Hill, NC who participated in TOLI’s 2022 Seminar on Holocaust and Human Rights Education.   When Kimberly Jones, a high school English teacher from Chapel Hill, North Carolina, first taught the Holocaust seventeen years ago, she probably didn’t anticipate it would become a vital part of her […continue]

Horaţiu Suciu: Teaching Jewish History in Romania

Jews in Romania, once home to one of Europe’s largest Jewish communities, suffered deeply during the Holocaust. Nearly 400,000 Jews were killed in Romania or territories it controlled as an ally of Nazi Germany, with only 10,000 or so living in the country today. Yet young Romanians know very little about the Holocaust, or Jewish […continue]

Kasia Laziuk: Keeping Jewish Memory Alive in Poland

When she was growing up, Katarzyna Laziuk knew little about the Jewish history of Mińsk Mazowiecki, the small Polish city east of Warsaw. But as a teacher, Kasia, as everyone calls her, has been in the forefront of documenting and presenting the city’s Jewish heritage. And to educate about the Holocaust, which brought to an […continue]

Scott Lone: Expanding Holocaust Education in Wisconsin

Scott Lone, a Wisconsin teacher at West Bend East High School in West Bend, Wisconsin, has been teaching the Holocaust for 23 years. In 2014, Scott attended the NY Summer Seminar: “It was the best professional development I’ve ever had in 23 years of teaching. It unfolded all kinds of other opportunities that I never […continue]

Bettina Pope: Creating Change Agents Through Holocaust Education

Creating Change Agents Through Holocaust Education Bettina Pope, a teacher in Wake Forest, NC and TOLI alumnae, sees the impact of her teaching the Holocaust has in today’s anti-racism movement.  “I believe in creating change agents,” says Bettina Pope, a teacher in Wake Forest, NC., about  her students. And has long felt that her work […continue]


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