California program for educators on Holocaust and other atrocities, July 8-29


Virtual event taking place as extremism and hate crimes surge across America

Sixteen educators from four different states, along with dynamic speakers and presenters from across the nation, will gather on July 8-29 for a virtual program on teaching the Holocaust and human rights. The seminar takes place when attacks on Jews and other minorities have reached alarming levels in the US. 

Crossing Lines: Standing Up for Human Rights will examine the history of the Holocaust, Japanese American incarceration, the Secret War in Laos, and the Rwandan genocide. The program will also highlight the current efforts to fight white supremacy and antisemitism here in the US. The overarching theme of the three-week seminar is the power of upstanders in shaping the future of their communities and our world.  

The program is sponsored by The Olga Lengyel Institute for Holocaust Studies and Human Rights,, which conducts professional development seminars for educators across the US and Europe. These workshops enable educators to teach the Holocaust and apply its lessons to prevent other atrocities.

California is one of 19 US states that mandate the teaching of the Holocaust as part of the secondary school curricula. 

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