Drawing On History: Interpreting Graphic Texts In Holocaust And Human Rights Education Charlotte, North Carolina

The Olga Lengyel Institute For Holocaust Studies and Human Rights (TOLI) 2019 Charlotte, North Carolina TOLI Summer Satellite Seminar has begun. Taking place from July 7- July 13, this seminar brings together teachers from across the Carolinas who are looking to deepen their practice of teaching the Holocaust and/or other genocides. The seminar focuses on graphic texts related to the Holocaust and human rights, with a particular focus on aspects underrepresented in traditional curriculum. The seminar also looks at the experiences of Indigenous Americans, highlighting the Catawba Nation, whose tribal lands are located in York County, South Carolina.
On Day one educators gathered to create and share identity pages. Dr. Michael Kobre, professor of literature at Queens University, presented on the history and evolution of comic books and graphic novels.

Day two began by sharing personalized “Where I’m From” poems. A lesson on Jewish Life Before WWII was extended to include a Found Poetry activity. Satellite leader Tonya Wertz-Orbaugh shared her expertise and tips for teaching with Graphic Novels in the ELA classroom, while co-leader Donna Tarney added helpful information for the Social Studies educators.
The evening found participants at Tonya’s house for Salon Night, a TOLI tradition based in hospitality and community. The teachers spent part of the time working on how to visually present historic incidents of antisemitism from three different time periods: The accusation of the Blood Libel in 1270 and in the Canterbury Tales, destruction of Jewry on the way to the Crusades, and Russian Pogroms of 1881 and 1903-05 After a delicious dinner, Rabbi Judy Schindler visited with the group for an overview of Judaism and antisemitism today.


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