Educators Gather in Tulsa to Study Holocaust, Human Rights, and the Tulsa Race Massacre


Educators from Oklahoma will gather in Tulsa, June 21-25,  for a  program Social Justice Lessons in the Heartland: Exploring the Holocaust and Human Rights in Oklahoma’s History. The seminar  will explore the 1921 Tulsa Race Massacre and provide strategies to teach Oklahoma history through social justice. 

The seminar, sponsored and organized by the Olga Lengyel Institute for Holocaust Education and Human Rights (TOLI), takes place when extremism and attacks on minorities have reached alarming highs. TOLI seminars take place throughout the US, providing teachers with the opportunity to learn the Holocaust, see through that lens other atrocities and genocides, and apply its lessons to today’s world. 

The five-day program will include visits to local sites, Sherwin Miller Museum of Jewish Arts, the Greenwood Cultural Center, and the John Hope Franklin Reconciliation Park.


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