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Bulgaria and the Holocaust

Bistra Zhekova Stefanova, Mariana Yordanova Marinova

The students were engaged in research activities, as they were seeking interesting stories about the fate of Bulgarian Jews during the Holocaust and then presented their findings in front of various audiences. The students organized an open lesson for their younger colleagues from elementary school, titled “What Happened in 1943”. The students were also involved in a simulation of the 7th Chamber of the People‚Äôs Court, an exceptional tribunal focused on judging the perpetrators of anti-Jewish crimes (February-April 1945). Then, a conference on peace, tolerance and respect for human dignity took place. The students recalled “What happened and what is my idea of life in peace and freedom,” they sent a message of an atmosphere of respect and tolerance by elaborating the “Charter of Human Rights”. In the end of the project, a visit to the Museum of Religions was organized.


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