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Different, Just Like Me!

Cerasela Marin

The teacher introduced the students to the theme of the Holocaust through films and excerpts from films, and then she facilitated a discussion on the causes and consequences of the Holocaust at personal, community and humanity level. Afterwards, the students visited the synagogues in Campina and Ploiesti, the museum and also the Hebrew cemetery in Campina. They discovered the history of the Jews in the city, learned about their contribution to the economic and cultural development of this geographical area, and the tragedies they suffered during the Second World War. The teacher facilitated the students’ participation in a presentation with the theme “Antonescu and the Holocaust” at the meeting of the local branch of the Historical Sciences Society of Romania. In groups of four, the students participated in a contest of collages, posters and drawings on the Holocaust. At the end of the project they made an exhibition of the project products and made a project portfolio in electronic format, which they posted on the school’s website.


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