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Education – The Knowledge of the Past and the Lesson for the Future

Anna Ciach

The project brought together, on an e-twinning platform, students from Poland, Bulgaria and Romania, who interacted in three languages – English, French and German. The students analyzed teenagers’ dairies from WWII and started a dialogue about the problems contemporary world faces in relation to the past. They recorded fragments from the book in three languages and made an interview with an educator from Anne Frank House Poland. The students got acquainted with other diaries published during WWII, such as The Dairy of Rutka Laskier, which inspired them to make a video titled “In the Footsteps of Rutka Laskier” after a field trip to her home town, Bedzin. They also translated parts of Mihail Sebastian’s “Journal, 1935-1944: The Fascist Years” and made graphic books. They also had a series of lessons about War Conflicts in the world and watched the video “Survival in Sarajevo.”


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