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Participation of the Jewish Community in Ruse in Various Military Associations

Denica Velikova and Nikolay Tcakarov

The project involved students from two schools in Ruse in a thorough research process about the Bulgarian Jews. Several presentations were organized by the teachers in cooperation with local institutions and organizations on the topics of the history of Bulgarian Jews, including the Holocaust, the Bulgarian unification wars (1885 – 1945), the history of the Ruse military units. The students researched various sources for information about on Jews of Ruse and their participation in the wars and then published their research results in a book. The book was launched in the presence of members of the community. Several meetings were organized throughout the project, in order for the students to present their findings and to establish the following research steps. Several institutions from the Ruse community were involved, such as the State Archives, Regional History Museum, Regional Library “L. Karavelov “, the Municipality of Ruse and the Regional Administration, the Regional Union of Reserve Officers and Sergeants, as well as the Jewish community in Ruse, media representatives, parents, teachers and students from the two schools.


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