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School Conference A World Remembering the Holocaust is a World without Genocide

Eugenia Ciutac


The activities of the project took place both at the Gaudeamus Theoretical High School in Chisinau and at the sites of selected cultural and tourist objectives. The students were brought into contact with elements of Jewish culture, history and religion, through lectures received from their teachers in the school setting, and they also travelled to the places of Holocaust memory in the city of Chisinau. Afterwards, guided by history teachers, the students researched specific themes related to the Holocaust, then presented their findings in a school conference. During the conference, an exhibition of photos, collages and posters made by the students was set up in the high school. The participants listened to lectures and presentations, had interactive discussions, watched The Diary of Anne Frank film and visited the Chisinau Synagogue, the neighborhood where the Chisinau ghetto used to be, and the two memorials raised in the memory of those who fell victims to Nazism.


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