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The Holocaust and Human Rights

Mariana Sima

The project included activities for both teachers and students and received a wide support from the school management, as well as a lot of attention from fellow teachers from other schools, the parents community and regional associations focused on human rights education. During a meeting with other history teachers, the coordinating teacher made a presentation about the situation of the Roma in the Romanian territories during the government of Ion Antonescu, and engaged the other teachers in discussion Holocaust education. The activities with students included a competition on the topic of human rights, role playing activities to exercise empathy and critical thinking, lectures and discussions about democracy and the rise of the new right in the contemporary world, as well as a visit to the History Museum and to the Choral Temple in Bucharest, where the students, accompanied by teachers and parents, enjoyed a special reception – they were presented the history of the temple and the history of the Jewish people in Romania.


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