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The Local Jewish Community between Past and Present

Razvan Batagui, Oana Munteanu


The project involved 20 students aged 14-15 from a school in Caracal, in researching the Holocaust in Romania and the history of the Jews from Caracal. During the History and Civic education classes, the students studied the history of Jewish people, as well as their culture and civilization. They analyzed photos and testimonies, read different stories and book excerpts, discussed them, made posters and portfolios and presented them to their colleagues. They visited the Synagogue in their home town, Caracal, and they went on a field trip to Bucharest, where they visited the Elie Wiesel National Institute for Studying the Holocaust in Romania, the Choral Temple and the Holocaust Memorial. They also met Mr. Iancu Tucarman, who shared his story of surviving the Iasi pogrom. The students were very impressed and most of them said that meeting Mr Tucarman was the best part of the project.


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