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The Right to a Normal Life – The Fate of the Jews from Caracal

Florina Batagui, Luiza Canut

The project involved students aged 17-18 from a high school in Caracal in researching the history of the Jews from Caracal and the Holocaust in Romania. Individually or in small groups, they created Power Point presentations, poems, drawings and portfolios, which they presented to each other and discussed during classes. The students and teachers involved visited the synagogue in Caracal. They learned about the Jewish culture from a Museum representative of the from Caracal. There, they found out more about the religion, but also about the Jewish community in Caracal and about their contribution to the history of Romania. A trip to Bucharest was also organized. The students and the teachers visited the Elie Wiesel National Institute for Studying the Holocaust in Romania, the Choral Temple and the Holocaust Memorial and they had a meeting with Mr. Iancu Tucarman, a Holocaust survivor.


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