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Together for Peace and Tolerance, 1918-2018

Nicoleta Radu, Gheorghe Bilga, Razvan Bigiu


The first activity prepared for the students was a visit organized by the local Jewish Community at the Jewish Cemetery in the northern area of the city. There was a religious service and there were speeches by representatives of the local authorities, the representatives of the Jewish community, as well as from students from different schools in Ploiesti. Afterwards, the students received a bibliography to read, in order to identify echoes of the Holocaust in literature and art, they had a discussion on the subject and then they made two posters, one on the Holocaust, the other on its reflection in literature and art. The book Refugee by Alan Graz was very much appreciated by the students, for having a profound significance in terms of human rights in current realities. Another activity was the contest The Holocaust Memorial, organized for students from several schools in the city. Documentaries and feature movies were shown and some of the drawings made by the 7th grade students were exhibited at the Documentation and Information Center. A trip to Bucharest completed the project. The students visited the Military Museum and the Choral Temple. At the Choral Temple, Mr. Gilbert Shaim, the administrator of the temple, was the students’ guide into the history of the temple and various elements of Jewish civilization: he talked about the main Jewish holidays, customs and traditions, about elements of religious worship and the role of community education. The meeting was interactive, as the students were able to ask questions, and also the coordinating teachers were involved in the dynamics of the discussions.


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