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  • A student in Mike Madden’s class in Sugar Land, Texas, prepares the Hall of Remembrance to prepare for a community-wide event. [...continue reading]
  • Students in in Boise, Idaho celebrate their accomplishments in the “Story, Humanity, Home” project led by Diane Williams. [...continue reading]
  • Seminar Participant Michelle Sadrena Clark (’13) with President Obama at the USC Shoah Foundation Gala in Los Angeles. [...continue reading]
  • HEN teachers and faculty create portrait boxes on day 1 of the summer seminar. [...continue reading]
  • Irving Roth, Holocaust survivor and Director of the Holocaust Resource Center- Temple Judea, speaks with participant Andrea Kirkpatrick. [...continue reading]
  • Concluding an all-day writing marathon at the Voices of Liberty exhibit at the Museum of Jewish Heritage in lower Manhattan. [...continue reading]
  • Rabbi Greg Wall brings klezmer music to our classroom, Auschwitz survivor Olga Lengyel’s former dining room. [...continue reading]
  • After days of immersion in Holocaust history and testimony, HEN teachers and faculty enjoy an evening in NY harbor aboard Captain Pat’s schooner. [...continue reading]
  • HEN teachers approach the memorial at the entry gate to the Majdanek concentration camp in Lublin, Poland. [...continue reading]
  • Teachers in the 2013 Leadership Institute held at John Jay College, CUNY, receive advanced training before mounting seminars in their home states. [...continue reading]


For more information about The Olga Lengyel Institute for Holocaust Studies and Human Rights (TOLI), please contact info@tolinstitute.org

TOLI is located at 58 East 79th Street in Manhattan. (get directions)

The mission of TOLI is to educate students in the United States, Europe, and other parts of the world about human rights and social justice through the lens of the Holocaust and other genocides so that such atrocities may never again take place.

To accomplish its mission, TOLI provides professional development seminars for educators in the US and abroad that link the lessons of the Holocaust and other genocides to current world events, thereby working with teachers to promote a human rights and social justice agenda in their classrooms. Read more about TOLI.

Holocaust Educators in Action

National Seminar In NYC Becomes a Year of Virtual Activities For Teachers

While the health crisis prevented 27 teachers from attending the national seminar in New York in June, the participants have enthusiastically embarked on a yearlong journey together reading, writing, and sharing classroom lessons via TOLI’s website and over Zoom. In June and July, participants introduced themselves online and read and responded to TOLI Senior Program […continue]

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Teaching About The Holocaust and Human Rights Through Art: Poland Moves Online

In Poland, an 8-week online course titled Teaching about the Holocaust and Human Right through Art will be organized by TOLI in partnership with POLIN Museum.  Yad Vashem Institute contributed to the course by sharing knowledge on the subject matter. The content of the course includes little-known stories of people and events, and a new look at literature […continue]

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TOLI Launches the Call for Its First Ever Europe-Wide Online Course

Learning from the Past – Acting for the Future Teaching about the Holocaust and Human Rights   An 11-week online engagement professional opportunity for teachers in Europe (21 September – 4 December, 2020)   Call for applications This program, developed by The Olga Lengyel Institute, in partnership with the Intercultural Institute of Timisoara and with […continue]

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New Mexico Seminar Moves Online

New Mexico seminar leaders, Leslie Lawner, Susan Quintana, Michelle Thompson-Lloyd, and Barb Lazar grounded their work in the Essential Question:   In times of crisis, what does it take to move from knowledge to action? As they shifted from an in-person to a virtual 3-day seminar, they worked to maximize the benefits of online learning with […continue]

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Crossing Lines: Tools for Teaching Tough Topics: First TOLI Online Seminar, California

Pam Bodnar and Gail Desler, leaders of the TOLI California seminar, shifted plans after COVID made it clear they couldn’t hold an in-person seminar as planned. Gail has served as her district’s Technology Coach, so this team was able to quickly pull together TOLI’s first full seminar held completely online. Instead of its usual week-long […continue]

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