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The consequences of the war

The consequences of war, the holocaust, too many victims

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Milions of souls

My drawing captures a terifying place full of frightening memories and milions of souls whose lives were forever destroied.The hand in the drawing is that of the last victim and it represents the end of the terror.

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Someone’s future being destroyed forever

I wanted to illustrate a terrifying moment from the Holocaust, when a kid is being sperated from his mother, and this will change their lifes forever.

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We remember Auschwitz

I was inspired, for the making of this of this drawing, by the graphic novel “Maus”, for considering it captures the tragic moments caused by the Holocaust with a greatly detailed technique. Many generations of innocent people were harmed based on the criteria of appearance as a race considered inferior by the Nazis. I have […continue]

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The era of terror. The road to death.

Holocaust, the period when people lost their values, when racism was more intense than ever, when people were tools for people.

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The Holocaust as the curse and tragedy of a generation -The world in 1940- which sacrificed -burned- the values of humanity, killing millions of people in the name of an unreachable fantasy, “the Aryan race”.

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