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In memoriam

In the loving and caring memory of the numerous victims from the Holocaust, this painting reminds us of the pain and the deaths from the 20th century, hoping that we are aware of our past, will never repeat it, and in order to assure a bright future.

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The artwork consists of a white plaster face with bloody tears and hollow eyes, as a symbol of the extreme suffering of the people sent to death in the extermination camps. The Star of David on the forehead is the symbol of the Jewish community and a black swastika is painted on the lips (as […continue]

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For you

” For you” it’ s just a gift from a bird for the Holocaust children, for their shape of hope.

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The painting is inspired by ANNE FRANK`S JOURNAL, a 13-year-old girl who tell us her experiences during the Holocaust. I tried to catch the moment when Anne wakes up and notices her sister, who has died of a disease. The reaction of others is to take away the things she does not need anymore.

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The Horrors of the Holocaust

The painting is entitled: “The Horrors of the Holocaust”. In the foreground we can see two families of the “superior race”, as Hitler called them. To their left, there are three people of the “inferior race” who are taken to the gas chambers. In the background, behind the lifeless victims, we can see the gas […continue]

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Dear Kitty…

Anne Frank invokes her journal: “Dear Kitty, I want to be alive even if I am sent to death…”

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The children’s dream

At a time when weapons are aimed at them, families are separated and hope is extinguished in them… the only thing left for them is the power to dream of a better world. This dream is represented by the tree of life.

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The right side of the painting shows us the souls of the victims, who are ascending to Heaven. The souls found their inner peace and, step by step, while stairway to Heaven, transformed into ANGELS. The left side of the painting displays the horrors which the victims of Holocaust experienced. This is why the left […continue]

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The man is the most feared creature on Earth and it will always retain its place on the absolute top of the food chain. From the ancient times until the present days, humans have always proved themselves that they deserve this place.

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The title of the painting refers to a symbolic metamorphosis: Hitler is seen as an eagle while the doves which die in tortures represent the thousands of innocent people who were tortured and killed. At the bottom of the painting there are a lot of doves waiting for their death. The eagle stands for the […continue]

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