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R310 – Prizonieri in lagar

Desenul simbolizeaza prizonierii din lagar, lumea din spatele sarmei ghimpate, pierderea libertatii si, in final, pierderea vietii.

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R309 – In lagar

Proiectul prezinta unul dintre cele mai cunoscute lagare ale mortii, ca aminire a unor lucruri tragice pentru istoria omenirii.

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R250 – How Hitler treated the humans

In the picture there is a man before and in the time with Holocaust. At right we have a healthy young man and at left we have the same person but with injuries on his face and with a broken heart. The meaning of what I pained is to show that no one could really […continue]

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R249 – Nu exista libertate

Lucrarea arata pericolul care pandeste popoarele care traiesc fara libertate sau cu libertatea ingradita. Unul dintre aceste pericole este razboiul, asa cum o sugereaza simbolic sangele prezent in acest desen.

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R247 – The End Line

The Holocaust was a road to disaster for millions of people. All their hopes, dreams and happy lives were lost along the line that ended at the gates of Auschwitz.

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R246 – Striped Children

This drawing depicts a group of children behind a barbed wire fence in Auschwitz awaiting their fate. Their gaze overwhelms you and their innocence hurts you.

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R245 – Nazismul nu e libertate

Creatia artistica sugereaza o trasatura a nazismului si anume incalcarea drepturilor si libertatilor fundamentale ale omului. Pentru aceasta, regimurile totalitare faceau apel la organele de represiune si forta, impotriva popoarelor pe care le conduceau.

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R244 – Sorrow and pain

With this drawing I wanted to show that no matter the age and status every Hebrew had been killed.

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R242 – “The imprint of the Holocaust”

In the making of this painting I wanted to represent the terrible life that millions of innocent people had to go through as well as the lack of liberty and the emotions that they had.

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R241 – The Hope

When you think you have nothing left, you have hope. Hope shows you that you have something…

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