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People and monsters

The Holocaust was a battle of monsters against humanity

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Helping your fellows.

A vision of how people were helped even on the verge of death

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Goodbye, life!

The children looked at life for a long time, then they were killed.

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The road to death

They were gathered from all over Europe to be killed.

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Tears and blood.

They were only allowed to suffer and death.

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The eye of suffering.

Everywhere, their eyes saw only suffering. There was only death.

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The iron road of death

It’s sad to know that you’re going to the unknown. It’s awful to discover that the road has an ugly end: death.

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Let the past be just a movie !

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Beyond the walls

Holocaust, broken hearts, crushed lives

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A drawing that expresses the pain and despair of those who have known the experience of the Holocaust

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